24.09. - 24.09.2016

Symposium: Common Luxury – less private space, more collective space

Place: Voltahalle Basel, Voltastrasse 27, 4056 Basel
Language: english

When we think of luxury, we usually think of individual wealth. The more unattainable this exclusive form of luxury becomes for the majority of society, the more clearly a new understanding of luxury emerges today, defined by collective partaking of goods and services. Likewise in architecture the sensibility is growing towards the communal and the shared as well as the meaning of public space as a prerequisite for democratic societies. In this symposium architects from nine different countries report on how “common luxury” is increasingly becoming an attribute of the contemporary urban way of life.


9:30am - 10am: greeting with small breakfast

10.00 am - 10:35 am: Georgeen Theodore, Interboro (USA) 
10.40 am - 11.15 am: Max Turnheim, UHO Architects (FR)
11.20 am - 11.55 am: Elena Schütz, Julian Schubert & Leonard Streich, Something Fantastic (DE)
12.oo pm - 12.35 pm: Matias Echanove & Rahul Srivastava, URBZ (IN)

12.40 pm - 13.45 pm: lunch break

13.45 pm - 14.20 pm: Felipe de Ferrari & Kim Courrèges, Plan Común, (CHL)
14.25 pm - 15.00 pm: Anne Kaestle, Duplex Architekten (CH)
15.05 pm - 15.30 pm: Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori, Labics (IT)

15.30 pm - 16.00 pm: coffee break

16.05 pm - 16.40 pm: Anna Puigjaner, MAIO, (ES) 
16.45 pm - 17.20 pm: Jack Self, Real Estate Architecture Laboratory (GB) 



Supprted by: NOMAD, cookou
Partner: IBA Basel