S AM Swiss Architecture Museum is proud to announce its participation to Future Architecture Platform, the first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers, bringing the ideas on the future of cities and architecture closer to wider audiences.
Architecture is prone to envisioning compelling futures. Opening up a broad discussion, 14 Europeanorganisations have joined forces to create a platform that is looking for visions from individuals and collectives to rethink the future of architecture in Europe. The Future Architecture platform is launching an open call for ideas.



The goals of the platform are:
Think Future We will expose the emerging generation of talents of various disciplines and circulate their ideas about the future of cities and architecture.
Exchange 14 organisers from 13 countries will create a pan-European programme reaching 250.000 people, tour emerging creators and present their ideas at exhibitions, conferences, lectures, workshops, books and web platform. Some events will take place at ECOC in Wroclaw 2016 and Aarhus 2017.
Raise awareness The platform will make complex issues of architecture comprehensible to everyone and promote a more sustainable living environment.
Build commitment A Future Architecture European Quality label will recognize organisers who work with aspiring emerging talents and show commitment towards the objectives of the platform.

Future Architecture Platform wants to expose innovation, experimentation and ideas of a generation that will build European cities and architecture in the years to come. It will promote Europe’s innovations, architecture, culture, knowledge and social capital trough one common platform. It will build commitment and support the promotion of creatives and members through Future Architecture Qualitylabel. It will support emerging creatives, develop their international artistic potential by enabling them to present themselves in Europe-wide programming among 14 organizations.



The members are museums, festivals, publishers and architectural producers that play a role in the field of architecture in their local environment, serve as one of the main sources of architecture-related information, and have the skills to create outstanding, and widely-attended events.

Platform coordinator:
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Ljubljana

Platform members:
Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana (SI),
Oris House of Architecture, Zagreb (HR),
Museum of Architecture in Wrocław (PL),
Belgrade International Architecture Week (SR),
National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome (IT),
House of Architecture, Graz (AT),
Copenhagen Architecture Festival (DK),
Tirana Architecture Week (AL),
Design Biotop, Ljubljana (SI),
Lisbon Architecture Triennale (PT),
Ruby Press, Berlin (DE);
associate members: Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel (CH), Prishtina Architecture Week (RKS), CANactions, Kiev (UA)

Want to become a member?
Write to: assistant@mao.si



Future Architecture Platform - Co-funded by EU