Cut-Out Sheet «Domus House»

Massstab 1:100


The model is about 20 cm high, 14,5 cm wide and 7,5 cm deep.


The house in which the AM Architecture Museum was located until 2003, has been opened as a commercial building called «Domus» in 1959. The architects Rasser + Vadi have planned and built it in a crystalline structure. They found a typical urban, tight situation on the corner Pfluggässlein / Weisse Gasse and decided in agreement with the builder for a consistent modern solution: a reinforced concrete skeleton with non-structural glass facades.

With the cut-out sheet you can rebuild the «Domus House» at a scale of 1:100. The packet contains all required materials and instructions.

Price: 15,00 CHF

plus shipping and packaging costs

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