20/12/2014 – 12/04/2015  

Exhibition «Lookout» at Das Gelbe Haus, Flims

Das Gelbe Haus at Flims shows the S AM exhibition «Lookout. Architecture with a view»

With the exhibition «Lookout. Architecture with a View» an entire exhibition is dedicated to lookout architecture for the first time. The exhibition shows a panorama of architectural interventions of the gaze onto the landscape, from the last 15 years. Particular attention is given staged touristic landscapes such as the Nasjonale Turistveger in Norway or the Ruta del Peregrino in Mexico.

Via Nova 60, Postfach 220
CH-7017 Flims Dorf
T +41(0)81 936 74 14 

Opening hours: Tue - Sun 2 pm - 6 pm

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Accompanying booklet to exhibition «Constructing Text. Swiss Architecture Under Discussion»