13.10. - 13.10.2022

3/3 Guided tour through the exhibition ‘Die Schweiz: Ein Abriss’ (E)

5.30-6.30 PM, English

In Switzerland, over 500 kilograms of construction waste are produced every second   through the demolition of buildings. The building industry is thus responsible for 84% of waste in the country. Landfills are filling up faster than new sites can be found. The current swiss measures are not enough to achieve the goals of the Paris climate accords. The solution for this problem consists in pre serving, rebuilding, and repurposing existing buildings. Demolitions of buildings and their replacement with new constructions should, whenever possible, be avoided and can no longer be considered the first and most obvious option.  The exhibition ‘Die Schweiz: Ein Abriss’, curated by the Collective Countdown 2030, aims to draw attention to the consequences of the swiss culture of demolition.

Admission: CHF 12.– (red. CHF 8.–)

Photo: © Countdown 2030