Exhibition Tours

For each exhibition, the S AM Swiss Architecture Museum organises a multifaceted accompanying programme. Public guided tours, presentations, podium discussions and excursions enable you to engage more deeply with the exhibition content and to come into direct contact with the S AM staff, as well as with the architects, whose works are shown in the exhibition.
In the calendar, you will find information on the current programme.

Guided tours
Private guided tours through the exhibition can be booked at any time. A member of the S AM staff exclusively guides you and your group through the exhibition, providing you with in-depth insight into the exhibition topic, tailored to your wishes and requirements.

A private guided tour (excluding individual admission) during opening hours costs: CHF 250.- / € 210.-
Individual admission costs CHF 12.- (standard) or CHF 8.- (discount).
You will find information on admission fees under info.

School classes / student groups:
A private guided tour (excluding individual admission) during opening hours costs: CHF 150.- / € 110.-
Individual admission costs CHF 12.- (standard) or CHF 8.- (discount). 
For schools classes and student groups from BS/BL single entry is not required.
You will find information on admission fees under info.

Guided tour bookings become binding after we have issued confirmation. Cancellations and notification of changes must occur in good time and no later than three working days before the booked appointment. Otherwise, a cancellation fee of CHF 150.- / € 120.- shall be charged.

Olivia Jenni 
T: +41 (0)61 261 14 13
E: oj@sam-basel.org

Elena Fuchs
T: +41 (0)61 261 14 13
E: event@sam-basel.org

School visit programs during the exhibition «Tsuyoshi Tane: Archaeology of the Future» 17/10/2020-28/2/2021:

The S AM offers guided tours (60 min.) and workshops (90 min.). Through discussion-based guided lessons, S AM educators encourage students to look closely at architectural works and articulate their ideas about them.
Bookable time window: Mo to Fr, 8-12 o'clock and 13-17 o'clock
Costs: For public schools BS/BL free of charge, for other schools and student groups CHF 150 plus reduced admission CHF 8 p.p. (under 18 years free of charge)

Program for kindergarten and primary school 
Bookable as guided tour or workshop: DIGGING - RESEARCH - BUILDING
What was on the site before a new building was constructed there? Architect Tsuyoshi Tane asks himself this question with every new building. He investigates, researches and digs. In each of his buildings, the place is remembered. How? We will investigate this as part of the program.

Program for advanced secondary school and college
Bookable as guided tour or workshop: ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE FUTURE
What role does architecture play in mediating between the past and the future? The architect Tsuyoshi Tane deals with this question in his work. Each of his projects is preceded by an intensive research phase meant to excavate the memories embedded in a place and integrate these into the creative process: a method that Tane calls 'archaeology of the future'. We will look at various projects of the architect and gain insight into his creative work process.

More information for teachers.