Educational Programs

For each exhibition, the S AM Swiss Architecture Museum organises a multifaceted educational program.

Public and private guided tours through the exhibition, outdoor S AM tours, ASSEMBLE events and excursions allow you to look into the exhibition content more deeply, and to come into direct contact with those who hold responsibility in and around the S AM team.

To accompany each exhibition, S AM offers dialogue-based guided tours and workshops in the museum at the appropriate level, be it for kindergartens, schools, universities, institutions or day centres. These can also be booked outside the official opening hours, making it possible to have the unique experience of being alone in the museum. In addition, tours on foot or by bike are an invitation to make discoveries outdoors. Teachers are offered continuing education and training, so they can get to know the museum as an out-of-school education venue. More information

Leisure activities such as holiday workshops and family Sundays open up fascinating ways for children and youths to explore their designed environment and to help shape it.

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Elena Fuchs, Valérie Zuber
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