13.06. - 13.06.2021

Access for all: Kulturparcours am Steinenberg (DE)

4  PM

Part of Open House Basel
Registration is mandatory: here

As part of the exhibition «Access for All», the S AM is developing an extended museum tour that includes a guided walk around the cultural quarter surrounding Basel's Theaterplatz. The event thus applies the argument of the exhibition directly to the urban space around the museum. Loosely inspired by the tradition of the situationist dérive, this guided tour makes visible the spatial and programmatic relationships between the cultural institutions located in this area and raises awareness of the enormous cultural density and diversity present in the neighborhood. The potential inherent in this network of institutions has only been partially realized thus far. Each institution has its own entrance, whether on the edge of the block or in its interior. There are few synergies in terms of perception and access, because visitors usually head directly for one of the institutions in the complex, rarely coming into contact with the other buildings in the area. With the goal of making the latent potential of this cultural hub tangible, the S AM will be using its public tours as a starting point for an exploration of the neighborhood and its many institutions.