08.06. - 08.06.2023

City Walk II: On gender in public space with Céline Baumann

6-7.30 PM (German)

“The built environment is largely the creation of white, masculine subjectivity. It is neither value-free nor inclusively human.“  stated the American architecture educator and activist Leslie Kanes Weisman in the 1980s.
Is this claim still as valid today? This walk led by landscape architect Céline Baumann intends to discuss how the decisions of our policymakers are impacting the urban environment. We will look at public space through an intersectional lens and examine street signs, urban trees, statues, sport amenities, playgrounds and urban furniture amongst others. 

Meeting Point/Introduction: S AM Foyer
Registration: here
Costs: CHF 12.-, red. CHF 8.-


Bild: Alice in Wonderland, John Tenniel (1865)