08.09. - 05.11.2023


A free mediation offer for educational institutions from Urban Development & Architecture of the Department of Construction and Transport of Basel-Stadt and the S AM Swiss Architecture Museum.

For Primary Schools, High school and Universities
We welcome you with your school class at the Basel city model and let the pupils find their way around it. After they have located themselves, we explain the purpose and treatment of the model and compare it with the model from the 1960s located in the same room. What differences do you notice? What do they mean? What questions do the students have? Of course, we will refer to your school level and current topics, which we will discuss with you as a teacher in advance.

Time required: 45 - 60 minutes, or by arrangement.
Where: Dufourstrasse 40, 4052 Basel, Dufourstrasse 40, 4052 Basel, Department of Construction and Transport Basel-Stadt
Registration: Bvd-SA-Stab@bs.ch and
Contact: Department of Construction and Transport.
Urban Planning & Architecture
STAB mediation
Michelle Bachmann
061 267 97 57

An engagement of Urban Development & Architecture, Department of Construction and Transport Basel-Stadt and S AM Swiss Architecture Museum in the context of the Forum Städtebau ‹Basel 2050 | Dialogtage 2023› Dialoge über baukulturelle Zukunftsfragen