21.03. - 21.03.2024

Lecture: External ‘Visionary and Adversary – the struggle for the Kunsthaus Glarus’


Lecture by Reto Fuchs (Atelier Freienstein, Glarus)

The Kunsthaus Glarus was successfully inaugurated in 1952, drawing praise in the publication Das Werk: 'Hans Leuzinger has managed to restrict his design to the essentials, thus creating architecture that is as sensible as it is simple and expressive, and which suits the mountain landscape in outstanding fashion'.

The project, which is celebrated to this day, is considered one of the most beautiful art houses in Switzerland. It is the result of careful mediation and a patient search for form. Little was known about the non-linear development so far, a corresponding publication is in preparation.

Venue: Kunsthaus Glarus​, Im Volksgarten, Glarus
We thank the Kunsthaus Glarus for making its premises available to us 

Picture: Kunsthaus Glarus, 1952
Source: Landesarchiv des Kantons Glarus; Schönwetter-Elmer (Foto)