07.10. - 07.10.2022

Rausschmaus – Feasts to digest places about to disappear

An event by ZAS*

7 PM

We invite you, you invite others and others invite others. ‹Die Schweiz: ein Rausschmaus›.

The former car repair shop is a simple, functional building with an auto lift. Around 1970, the park deck was extended by one level. Together with freelance artists and craftspeople of the collective F16, who have been working there for the last years, we share an extended feast on the roof terrace.
Reservation rausschmaus@zas.life
Location: Flüelastrasse16

As an extra to the exhibition ‹Die Schweiz: ein Abriss›, ZAS* invites you to take part in ‹Rausschmaus›. Places that are facing major transformation will be given a festive farewell. Together with local residents, involved stakeholders and everyone who likes to eat. The fertile ground for the future of these places continues to grow. Come as a guest or host others. We are happy to help you with the organisation. Please contact: rausschmaus@zas.life
Invitations, further information and the growing cookbook are available at: zas.life/rausschmaus