04.09. - 12.09.2021

S AM Panna Soccer

As part of the exhibition 'Mock-Up' (28.8.-31.10.2021), the S AM is exhibiting so-called performative mock-ups by the architecture office 51N4E and the ETH chair NEWROPE. These experimental mock-ups aim to simulate and test experiences in full scale. As part of this, from 4-12 September 2021, the final exhibition hall of the S AM will be transformed into a small Panna-Soccer field (outlined only by floor markings) - a mock-up of a football field, so to speak.

Visitors are invited to meet up and play Panna-Soccer (featuring special rules) during regular opening hours at the S AM or play on the field spontaneously during a visit to the exhibition.  Panna-Soccer is football fun in miniature - ideal for small spaces. This game of football skill is played in small groups in a very confined space. Technique, tricks and footwork are deciding factors. 

S AM-Game Rules:
*    played 1 against 1 in direct duel
*    a game lasts up to 6 minutes: (2 x 3 minutes with side-switching or so long until one player has scored 5 points).
*    a goal earns you 1 point / if you «tunnel» the the opponent, you get 2 points.
*    If you are successfully tunnelled 3 times, you automatically lose the game...

Perfect for a short sports session over lunch, after work, or spontaneously during a visit to the museum! The entrance ramp left over from the exhibition "Access for All" can be used to cheer on the players. This can be used as a viewing platform until 12 September, and offers a unique perspective over the city as well as the opportunity to watch the players playing inside through the window.
Please send us a photo or a short film recording of your game to: event@sam-basel.org!