11.03. - 02.04.2024

SAY Swiss Architecture Yearbook - Travelling Exhibition

From 11/3/-2/4/2024 f’ar forum d’architectures, Lausanne shows the exhibition 'SAY Swiss Architecture Yearbook' and the Distinction romande d'architecture (DRA5) under the title 'Les Distingués'
Venue: Forum d’architectures Lausanne, Avenue Villamont 4, Lausanne

In Lausanne: 14/3/, 6.30 PM, *Vernissage* and discussion:
Andreas Ruby, Director of the Swiss Architecture Museum, publisher, critic, co-artistic director of SAY
Emmanuel Ventura, Cantonal Architect Vaud, Co-chairman of the DRA5 organising committee

Daniel Kurz, co-ordinator of SAY 23, former editor-in-chief of the magazine werk, bauen+wohnen
Lilitt Bolinger, architect, lilitt bolinger studio, DRA 5 jury member
Magali Zuercher, architect EPFL and urban planner FSU, Urbaplan, member of the SIA Prize jury
Audrey Contesse, Director of the Institut Culturel d'Architecture Bruxelles-Wallonie (ICA-WB), curator of Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles Inventaires #4 2020-23
Pierre Chabard, teacher, researcher, editorial director of Éditions de la Villette, Paris, member of the juries of the Prix D'Architectures 10+1 and Inventaires d'Architecture Wallonie-Bruxelles

In Geneva, 26/3/, 6.30 PM, in partnership with the Fondation Pavillon Sicli, presentation of SAY 23 and discussion with:
What do we SAY?
Presentation of SAY 23 and discussion with:
Yuma Shinohara, Curator, S AM Swiss Architecture Museum in charge of the SAY 23 exhibition
Catherine Gay, GayMenzel architectes, member of the SAY 23 selection committee and DRA 5 winner
Nathalie Mongé, landscape architect, apaar, SIA Prize jury member
Valery Didelon, architect, teacher, researcher, critic, D'A 10+1 jury member
Lorette Coen, journalist, essayist, DRA 5 jury member
Moderator: Marc Frochaux, F'AR committee member and editor-in-chief Tracés, espazium
Free admission / No registration required
Venue: Pavillon Sicli