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Das Booklet zur Ausstellung «Kooperationen. Diener & Diener, Martin Steinmann / Josef Felix Müller; Peter Märkli / Josephsohn»

Language: Ger. Height: 25 cm
Pages: 32, with images Width: 14,8 cm
Published: 2014 Editor: S AM, Hubertus Adam

For the anniversary exhibition at S AM,  Ulrike Jehle-Schulte Strathaus, founding director of Architecture Museum, is dealing with the theme "art and architecture" and presenting instances of cooperation between architects and artists. The disciplines' boundaries have become noticeably blurred in recent decades. The exhibition "Cooperations. Diener & Diener, Martin Steinmann / Josef Felix Müller; Peter Märkli / Josephsohn" is about the question of what emerges when artist and architect, in a lively exchange, develop a work together from the very start. This is demonstrated on the basis of cooperation between architect Roger Diener and artist Josef Felix Müller, as well as between architect Peter Märkli and artist Hans Josephsohn.


Hubertus Adam, Ulrike Jehle-Schulte Strathaus, Martin Steinmann

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