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S AM N° 11 Lookout

Architektur mit Aussicht

Language: Ger./Eng. Height: 30 cm
Pages: 120, mostly coloured images Width: 22,5 cm
Published: 2013 Editor: S AM, Hubertus Adam
ISBN: 978-3-85616-633-5 Publisher: Christoph Merian Verlag

Perceiving the world from another perspective is something that has always fascinated people. However, a purpose-free view of the surroundings only became possible in the late 18th century and led to a view type of structure: the lookout tower. This structure type boomed in the late 19th century in particular, and has found new appeal in the past decade, due to it being allocated new functions.

This richly illustrated publication revolves around architectural interventions from the past fifteen years that serve to provide a view of the landscape. These include not only towers, but also platforms and other small architectures. Special attention is paid to landscapes that have been set in scene via architectural interventions.

Essays by Hubertus Adam, Joachim Kleinmanns and Gion A. Caminada convey the historical and current context pertaining to the presentation of the projects.


i.a. Hubertus Adam, Gion A. Caminada and Joachim Kleinmanns

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