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S AM N° 13 Constructing Text

Schweizer Architektur zur Diskussion

Language: Ger./Eng. Height: 30 cm
Pages: 128 Width: 22,5 cm
Published: 2014 Editor: S AM
ISBN: 978-3-85616-652-6 Publisher: Christoph Merian Verlag

How is architecture spoken and written about in various media, here in Switzerland? Unlike art or music, everyone is confronted with architecture every day. In a way, architecture is self-evident, but how can one communicate about it?

This publication focuses on 15 selected Swiss structures from the past fourty years that triggered controversial architectural debates. Each of these projects is a paradigm that represents a specific discourse and illustrates how differently architecture can be perceived.

The various example cases are supplemented by an essay, in which Hubertus Adam provides a historical overview of the relationship between architecture and text. Finally, key protagonists from the international critics' scene comment on the current status of architectural criticism.

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