13.03. - 08.05.2016

Spatial Positions 11. This was Tomorrow: Reinventing Architecture 1953-1978

​Opening: 12.03.2016, 7 pm

The S AM presents ‘This Was Tomorrow’ an exhibition by the Drawing Matter collection about architectural imagination, and the power, processes and poetics of creation and invention.
Curated by Markus Lähteenmäki, Manuel Montenegro & Nicholas Olsberg in cooperation with Hubertus Adam, the exhibition presents a series of twelve episodes focused on the period from 1953 to 1978 in the reconsideration of architecture. They all explore the very different ways to activate the potentials of the built environment in reforming the relations of human beings to each other and to their environments -- from Le Corbusier’s final explorations of a new harmony of form to Aldo Rossi’s first evocations of the force of history.


12.03.2016, 7 PM: Opening
17.03.2016, 6 PM: Public Guided Tour
07.04.2016, 6 PM: Public Guided Tour
21.04.2016, 6 PM: Public Guided Tour


GGG Gesellschaft für das Gute und Gemeinnützige


1. Le Corbusier, Model for Le Main Ouverte, Chandigarh, 1950-1965. © FLC-ADAGP.
2. Le Corbusier, Study Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut de Ronchamp, 1950-1955. © FLC-ADAGP.
3. John Hejduk, Silent Witnesses: The Extro-Intro House, 1975. © Estate of the architect.
4. James Gowan, Study for an Expandable House, 1957. © Estate of the architect.
5. Álvaro Siza, Bouça Housing, Porto, c. 1972. © Estate of the architect.
6. Adolfo Natalilni (Superstudio), Study for the Continuous Monument, 1969. © The architect.
7. Walter Pichler, Study for the Underground City, c. 1963. © The artist.
8. Constant, New Babylon, 1963. © Estate of the artist.
9. Michael Webb, Sin Centre, 1961. © The architect.
​10. Hans Hollein, City, Communication Interchange, 1962. © Estate of the architect.


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Love it or hate it: concrete is everywhere. This exhibition examines this polarising material and its role in the Swiss self-image, challenging popular myths and uncovering surprising connections. A coproduction between the S AM and the gta Archives, Zurich, the Archives de la construction moderne, Lausanne, and the Fondazione Archivio del Moderno, Mendrisio. Scientific curator: Sarah Nichols.

Photo: The “Zementhalle” by Hans Leuzinger (architect) and Robert Maillart at the 1939 Swiss National Exhibition in Zurich, courtesy ETH-Bibliothek Zürich, Bildarchiv